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Payroll Outsource

Add and Account (AAA) will capture data and provide reports on a monthly basis.

The payroll will be processed on a monthly basis, we do not provide the services for weekly wages. Timeframes will be documented and agreed to by both AAA Payroll and the client. The annual reporting requirements will be agreed to at the contract stage and completed within the negotiated deadline dates.


AAA Payroll has an EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE (ESS) module available on which allows the employee to log in using their PayDay Employee Code and a Password.  This product links to the Payday payroll system and employees can apply for leave; managers and supervisors can check their employees leave history and balances and approve leave online!  All transactions are authorised before processing takes place. The employees are also privy to their latest leave balances and leave history and they are able to view and print their current and previous 12 payslips!


AAA Payroll will be pleased to assist you with all matters relating to employee benefits (e.g. fringe benefits, salary structures) although the conclusions reached and views expressed are often matters of opinion rather than of certainty. 

Here is a list of services we offer in the processing of a monthly payroll; the leave records; the salary payment process; data backups and annual return submission:

Initial set up of payroll
Creation of new employees – forms to be completed by each employee and signed off by HR
Maintenance of existing payroll records
Monthly payroll analysis reports for management
Recording and updating of leave balances – Via ESS by the client
Confidential payslips for all employees available on ESS
Creation of ACB file for EFT purposes for any South African bank
Monthly electronic data submissions to UIF Department of Labour via email
Submission of statutory returns to SARS using E-Filing for PAYE, UIF & SDL –
payment is then approved by the client to SARS using their own online banking system
Annual submission of employer PAYE deductions to SARS – an electronic file will be imported into the e@syfile SARS system.
After the e@syfile process has been completed IRP5s are available on the ESS system and pdf copies are sent to the HR department of the client. 
The tax mid and year end reconciliations and the submission of the EMP501 to SARS.
Data backups are done daily and are stored off site.